Sunday, July 24, 2011

Extreme - Free verse for my lost infidel brothers


Wicked and cowardly

Brazen and cunning

Bully boys playing religion

No room for disparate thought

Wipe out the infidel

Gag all freedom to express

Tie the hands of equality

And vaporize the truth

Dress like men of wisdom

Wear robes like men of learning

Deep thought escapes you

Fear is your preferred weapon

Oppress your kindred

Brother and sister alike

Deprive them of their needs

Keep them far from hopes and dreams

Fan the flames of hatred

Build up the mob bonfires

Fuel your revolution with prejudice

Start your wars with lies

Brainwash your young

Indoctrinate your youth

Beat and mistreat your wives

Hypocrisy you don’t disguise

No quarter for your naysayers

No room to disagree

No peace and forgiveness

No truce or coexistence

When will peace ever settle?

Over your hallowed halls

Never this side of eternity

Never in mankind’s days

Foolish is the wisdom of mankind

Before that of our Creator God

Jehovah our Lord and Savior

Have mercy on our kind

Grant visions and dreams

Speak truth and wisdom to all

Shine light on our dark hearts

And in folly revealed bring your truth

You oh Infidel brother

Behind your Jihad and brutal rule

Are nothing but cowards

And fallen like we all

Bow your heads to the soil

Throw ash on your heads in lament

For your flesh has failed you

And you are no different from the rest

Give ear to the mercy

Of a Savior’s dying words

Father forgive

For they know not what they do

May your hardened hearts

Melt before your God

May your plugged ears

Be opened yet

May you one day soon

See the deadly path

The end laid up in folly

May you see and turn away

For those who show no quarter

And strap on the swords of vengeance

And leave no room for mercy or peace

Will find none waiting on the other side

Give up this endless blood feud

Lay down your every sword

Seek truth, forgiveness, and mercy

And redeem the day

Giving way to His extreme love