Sunday, July 17, 2011

In the Heart of the Lion – July 17,2011

Scan the horizon

For what can’t be found

Send a search party

For those who don’t exist

Spent so much time

Seeking for a hero

Traveled far and wide

Returned empty handed

Fell so often to a common lie

Sought at world’s suggestion

For a hero within

Only he was a mortal

Hope fell to time

Misplaced trust to end result

To whom do we turn?

When our heroes fall short

Love letter from the other side

Calling out time after time

Message never changing

Surrender and let go our pride

Exchange the counterfeit

For real truth and precious life

Let go of fantasy and lies

Put your hand in that of the author

Walking two steps behind

Patiently waiting for our call

Saving grace at the ready

Help and care only a prayer away

Turn away from the empty

Fly from the bankrupt and failed

Run toward truth and peace

Carried in the heart of the Lion of Judah