Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Breeze From the Garden

Had it so good

Didn’t see it

Walked by your side

Eyes wandered from your face

Every good thing

At our fingertips

No good thing denied us

Only one thing forbidden

Free will a blessing

Serpent opened the door

Had all we needed

Yet we chose the curse

Oh the grief

Of being cast out

Unfulfilled longing

Just to return home

Echoes of laughter

Of conversations long ago

In the warm sunshine

Our hands in yours

Oh the pain of truth

The need for redemption

And our inability to pay

A price beyond our means

Where could we turn

To whom would we go

Our souls in need

And our vaults empty

Silent cries

Reach searching ears

Watching us evermore

Coming to those who call your name

Empty place in each heart

In dark depths

Memories invite us home

Pity those who ignore the call

Savior’s prayer timeless reaches

Into searching hearts

And longing souls

Calling prodigals to come home

A place at your table

A mansion ready to build

A candle burns in the window

For the one in 99 you search

Our value found

In your love

Our eternity

Found in your costly gift

May our eyes be opened

The scales falling

From our weary eyes

Washed by repentant tears

Fragrant breeze drifts

Through mind’s window

Memories of pleasant walks

Hand in hand with our creator