Monday, August 6, 2012

My Lazarus Journey

Hard is the road
To where a new future begins
Narrow the path
That leads to promises fulfilled

Can’t reach my destination
On the strength of a broken heart
So many dreams died along the way
Not sure if any remain

My hope lies barely breathing
Like the flutter of tiny wings
Clinging to life by finest thread
Who will dare to save me?

Does anyone get me?
Does anyone care?
Does anyone want me…
More than what I can provide?

Maybe I want more
Than what any human can give
Maybe my hearts longing
Can only be filled by my maker

Though I wish nothing more
Than to leave this pain behind
Though I’d rather be
Far away on the other side

I am deeply committed
Heels dug in and clinging tight
To the promises You made
My Savior and friend

No other has been so faithful
No other has in every moment
Through joy and sorrow
Been ever at my side

For now I know you carry me
My faith but a tiny thing
Put to shame by a mustard seed
Praying your faith replaces mine

An empty vessel
A lump of clay
I lie here
Awaiting your strong hand

Awaiting the artist’s touch
The old man ready to die
Sacrificed my longed for son
At your blessed request

Restore my dreams
Breathe life back
Into these dry bones
Call me back from the dead

For my very marrow cries out
For your presence
To call my heart your dwelling
To cleanse every dark corner

For now dear friend
I wait quiet in the night
Anticipation my companion
And a new dawn approaches