Saturday, October 27, 2012

Where Do We Stand?

Where Do We Stand?
Though my body lies here
Beaten down, bruised, and sore
Though my heart quakes
And, my chest is heavy with fear

I hear echoes calling
Whispering quietly to my soul
Waking slumbering hope
Gentle hand lifts fallen chin

You raise my tear stained eyes
To look on your kind face
Compassions’ gift in your every word
Falls on my ears like rain after a drought

Gently lifting me to my feet
Arm slips under mine and bears
The weight of all my fears and cares
Guiding me forward through life’s storms

How lost this heart, from wandering far
Seeking for the misplaced piece
To fill this God shaped gap
A piece once placed and then left behind

Sorely missed now and longed for
I know you are close at hand
For it is I, not you that strayed
Your promise never to leave, unbroken

So now I ask for you to step back in
And assume your rightful place
Upon the throne that I usurped
And I once again at your feet

At your beck and call
A foot soldier and standard bearer
Strengthened by your promises
Both fulfilled and yet to be

Your kind eyes shift to fierce
And you call out your marching orders
Call me to courage and standing strong
Asking me to overwhelm fear with prayer

For you see, when I look back
Across the length of my memories
There are alters there
Monuments to your faithfulness

For my faith in you my Lord
My savior, redeemer, and friend
It has never been misplaced
When my hand has slipped into yours