Sunday, October 27, 2013


Here I stand
Looking back
Across a rich landscape
Of mountains and valleys

I can see the past
Dark days and bright ones too
Loves indelible mark on my soul
Scars speak of battles fought

But here on this high peak
After reaching this midpoint
A decision calls for attention
And I am filled with fear

No stranger to this
Didn’t ask for these burdens
But we all face them
Find solace in experiences shared

And so I move on
For staying means stagnation
No resting on laurels here
Courage creating forward motion

And this bravery you see
Well, it’s not my own
It comes from roots grown deep
Anchored in your promises

But this heart still trembles
Unknown future breathes its threats
And I am tempted to run
From this fight to flee

But instead I cry out
For your hand in mine
And the hands of fellow travelers
Loves and friendships, treasured gifts
Undeserved grace still blesses
And I find my strength
Rise again from my knees
And you lift my chin

You dry these tears
Whisper your promises yet again
And you call me to follow
To enter a battle already won

So here I stand
Looking back has its value
See the altars I lifted here and there
You’re faithfulness proven every time

You’ve never forsaken me
You’ve always been there to catch me
You’ve never left me alone
And for that Dear Jesus I love you

A friend on whom I can always depend
Who understands even my silence
Who will share even my final steps
You are the light in my darkness

You are the truth
The Word that has always been
You are the life pulsing in these old bones
The very breath in these lungs

The breath of God
Spoken into existence by him
Sitting at his right hand
Your life given for mine

My life a one of a kind gift
Given with no strings attached
Wrapped in your love and care
Meant to be given away too

It may take me all my life long
A blink of time in your eyes
And a drop in the ocean of eternity
But I want to give it away as you ask

To be more than the sum of my parts
Your child through and through
Want to see your eyes smiling at mine
To hear you whisper “Well done my son”

And so I take this next step
Set off again on this life road
Take lessons from the past
And look forward with peace in my heart

To where you will lead me next

 By Michael Meehan - 10-27-13