Thursday, November 27, 2014

On Thankfulness

Dear Friends and Family. 

We have reached that time of year once again where we set aside one day, one special day to ponder what we have to be thankful for. I know many of you who may see or read this today, may be struggling to feel a sense of thankfulness in the mountains and storms that you may be facing today. Please understand that I am writing this and sending out a general prayer for all of you attached with my own feeble love. I hope you feel it today.

If you are struggling with thankfulness, please trust me, you are not alone. Every week that passes by, I am sure that like me, you are faced with challenges, storms, hard decisions, pushing past pain, wandering through loneliness, and sometimes feeling like the mountains are just too high for you to continue on. But, I can tell you too, that there is always hope.

And hope has a name.


There are numerous sayings that I could quote to hopefully lift your spirits today. I am afraid though that for some of you they might just come off too cliché or insincere.

What I want to leave with you instead is just my heartfelt encouragement to stop right now. Take a deep breath (even if your heart is not in it just yet) and then let it slowly out while telling God thank you. Thank Him for the following things:

Thank Him for your precious and one of a kind life that only you have and only you can live to its fullest.

Thank Him as much for the storms in your life as much as the good times since I(We) know he walks with us through all of them.

Thank Him for the family, friends, and co-workers he has let cross your path and the many gifts both physical and spiritual that they have shared with you.

Thank Him that He has blessed you with yet another day to both live to its fullest and for the chances it gives you to pay His love forward to those your life inevitably touches.

And, Thank Him above all for His greatest gift, His life paid in every precious drop of His blood on a cross so long ago despite our unworthiness.

You can add all of your own thanksgiving to the above. God dwells here in the praises of His people.
Don’t just live this thankfulness today, but live it out daily. Write your thankfulness down in a journal to set up altars of remembrance so that you never forget God’s ongoing, never ending, and unquenchable provision to those who love and worship Him.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and may this precious special day start a tradition of daily thankfulness that carries you on until that day when you will be able to thank Him at his feet in Eternity.

In Christ’s love,

Mike Meehan