Monday, October 5, 2015

Just a Gun and its Thoughts

Like most creations
I was born from thought
From need unto design
From creativity was I wrought

To ease their toil and labor
I came from human need
Never could’ve imagined
My role in an evil deed

For once created I lie here
Sometimes in a musty case
Or belted in a holster
Sometimes I start a race

Sometime in my history
Like Cain and Abel of old
I was forced to commit a murder
Hefted like a rock in passion so bold

Was not asked for my opinion
Nor given any choice
As I’m an inanimate object
God never granted me a voice

No way to wander nor explore
I cannot I choose my owner
Sometimes I stand for the law
And other times for a stoner

The liberals think I embody evil
But Constitution grants a right you see
Those would be owners want a choice
Just a chance to take or leave me

And so I lie here until I’m taken up
No actions made when not in hand
Some say that if I was unattainable
All would be far safer in this land

Some wonder if I were unmade
Beaten down from sword to plow
That violence would be of the past
And peace could be ushered in now

But though I am this lowly thing
And my thoughts are just my own
I wonder at the shortsightedness
That history’s always shown

For some, they always follow
Intelligent thoughts so far away
In breezes of popular thought
Their white flags wave and sway

Blaming all on unfeeling metal
As if we could choose our use
They plot to keep us from the sane
And in so doing tighten the noose

You see they’ve never been correct
It’s not at all about what I condone
It’s always been about a human’s heart
I assure you I’ve never acted alone

So when you next see those tears
The hot stains on victim’s face
Don’t be fooled that it’s my fault
Nobody does evil like the human race