Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Slumbering Heroes

Each day dawns
Rich with hope
Ripe with risk
And burdened with choice

Not for the faint of heart
This life given to us
And rest is not granted
Until the journey’s end

So lift your eyes
Face into the wind
Step onto the road
Leave the past at your back

No battles are won
And no victories given
When fear rules hearts
And our eyes are closed

No accidental heroes
No cowards find victory
It takes a decision
It takes a renewed mind

And we cannot obtain this
Never grasp it on our own
True strength found on bent knees
Heads bowed over hallowed ground

We, the adopted sons and daughters
Grafted into a new family tree
Draw from roots planted deep
A strength that leads to victory

So when the coming battle
Reaches our very own shores
We will not stumble or falter
For His light shows us the way

We have only to open our hearts
Listen even now with spiritual ears
Take a hammer in hand
Nail our fears to the cross

Be thankful for a new dawn
Another day of possibilities
Strap on the holy armor
And rush forward into the fray

For there are heroes
Living among us
Living within us
Just have to hear the call

So listen carefully
Today let’s pay attention
For the call is going out
And you are looked for

When today’s sun is setting
I pray your heart is content
Having fought the good fight

Your hero awakened from slumber