Friday, January 29, 2016

Sometimes Grief Just Comes All Unexpected

Ok, so this morning as I was reading and contemplating, I felt it. Maybe you sometimes have felt it as well? At first, just the tiniest tug. You know, at our heartstrings. We often just shove it down, but persistently it presses into those soft spots in our soul. A still small voice that calls us to fervently, urgently pray.

This morning was such a morning.

Before I knew or could comprehend it, I was weeping.

If you have not experienced this, I hope as my fellow brother or sister in Christ that you do.

You see, sometimes I believe that the Holy Spirit pricks our conscience and urgently asks us to pray. You know as well as I do that God already knows the things that lay heavy on our hearts. You know what I’m talking about. Often we are aware of so many deep needs around us. They may be of great concern to us but being human we often let our business distract us from these things.

Some things are just so much more important than our busyness, our distractions, our wasted time, our priorities. There are things of eternal importance right within reach, but so often we put them at arm’s length because they can be so heavy with emotion that it’s just easier (we think) to avoid dealing with them.

I won’t go into the details, but somewhere today a family that I know is facing the toughest decisions you can imagine. Somewhere, there is a family that though they were not prepared for it is having to let go of that which is precious beyond measure. Somewhere a family is having to say goodbye to one that they love and no matter what clich├ęs we may know, no matter what platitudes may come to mind, the pain is unavoidable. Grief is real and it must be faced.

It’s never convenient.

And often it won’t wait.

I had priorities today. I had a game plan. But then, grief came knocking. And, my day changed.

So, I wept. And I poured my heart out to the only one who can not only hear our heart cries, but actually turn them to action, to purpose, to redemption and healing.

There is only one person who can hear our grief and make something of it. His name is Jesus.

I am not here to tell you that once I poured my heart out to Him, that all the grief is gone. Nor am I telling you that all is now right with the world. I am not telling you that He will fulfill my heart’s desire in this situation. (though I know that there are at least just a few others today that wish that same thing that I do) What I am telling you is this: God hears your prayers. He knows our grief intimately and He weeps with us.

When I prayed this morning, I was reminded of the day Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. I was reminded of Jesus’ weeping over His friend and the grief of those who loved Lazarus too. I am thankful that God understands and He does not mock our pain.

Some of you may question why I have written this piece and maybe you don’t understand it but I know some of you definitely do.  You simply cannot understand this unless you have had to let go of someone you love. All of us eventually will cross this bridge.

Life on this place, well, it’s terminal. And we have but one life, so we must live it to the fullest.

So what am I ultimately trying to do here?

I am letting you know several important things:

First is this: Never take life for granted. Again, we are only given one. If you are a sometimes procrastinator extraordinaire life me, there is one thing I ask you avoid. Never forget to ensure that those you love know just how much you love them. Every day!

Second: Take care of the most crucial things in your life to ensure your family will be okay tomorrow if God calls you home today. You know what I mean if you think about it a little. Plan ahead. None of us knows the day or the hour God will stop our race with His eternal stop watch.

Lastly: If you feel the tug at your heart by the Holy Spirit to act. Whether it is to pray, do an act of service, listen to a hurting friend, etc., don’t let the moment pass without acting on His leading. If we ignore these moments, I believe the one we hurt the most is ourselves. God can accomplish His perfect will without us, but what a tragedy when we are asked to join with Him and we choose to ignore His call. In so doing, we quench the Holy Spirit’s voice and may find it so much harder to hear Him in the future.

Grief visits all of us in our lifetimes. It is unavoidable and inevitable.

In time, we may find healing. In time God may fill the hole that has been left by our loss. We will find peace, joy, laughter, friendship, and love again, but the scars remain. It’s ok for us to mourn them. God hears our heart cries and if we let Him he can help us to remember the good times, the precious memories, the gifts given by those who have gone before us into eternity.

And, for those of us who have asked Jesus into our hearts, we have this joy, we have this anticipation, we have a day to long for. A day when we will joyfully see those we love again and fall into their arms in a warm embrace. What a fantastic, joyful reunion that will be!

I thank God that He not only sees our grief, but that He has compassion on us and will bear this burden for us if we’ll just place it on His strong shoulders.

Don’t let this day go by without going to the Lord in prayer over the things that are weighing your heart down. Look up into His loving eyes and share your tears with Him. He longs to comfort you and bring you joy once again.

Find a place and time today to be still and quiet. Listen carefully and I know you will hear that same quiet voice that called to my heart this morning.
Sincerely, in Christ,

Mike Meehan

Psalm 62:5
Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him.