Monday, July 11, 2011

Japan – The Petition – Mar 15,2011

Cherry blossoms and lotus petals

Mount Fuji and geisha girls

Samurai warriors and emperors many

One of the Pacific’s beautiful pearls

Tragedy strikes even the prepared

Breaks the back of the strongest man

Blindsides the thoughtful

Wipes out the most airtight plan

Earth shakes and the stones cry out

Ground leaps and buckles under your shoes

The sea rages and buries your cries

Strong against the earth but to Tsunami you lose

Our sadness and weeping cannot mend

Our sorrow cannot stop the melting cores

May our prayers go up before God

And may they as sweet balm heal your sores

Dear God, our creator and Lord

Have mercy on our fellow man

Give ear to our petitions

And with loving care lift up fallen Japan