Saturday, July 9, 2011

Love & Fear

Love and Fear:  December 06, 2008

Some say that all life is a stage

At 45 I say it’s more like a cage

Here I stand naked and poor

Stripped of pretense I search for the door

That stage door, a portal

And I a fearful mortal

My strength betrayed by a tear

My days often governed by fear

The stage’s egress before me

Will my curiosity restore me?

My life so very stale

Can stepping beyond alter this tale?

The Word once said that perfect love casts out fear

And He promised one day to wipe away each tear

The door to the stage bars me in

Dare I open it to fly yet again?

Fear is a door

It bars the way

Love is courage

That saves the day

The door blocks my view

Love’s vision can see right through

The door traps me here

Love expands life’s sphere

Fear is a door

And unopened shrivels the soul

Love is a conqueror

And hands me the hero’s role

Fear, a stage door

Shrinks my world

Drowns visions and dreams

Love, He is my God

Guards my heart

Fills my eyes with heavens gleams

Oh fearful door infernal

Meet my God eternal

You are naught before Love

His dreams now my hope from above

Fear the door that traps us here

Love the friend that expands our sphere