Thursday, July 14, 2011

Question Mark– June 09,2011

Not caught off guard

Anything but surprised

Strangely unmoved

I have become jaded

Call came out of the blue

Information flowed

Like a sponge

I absorbed it all

Caught in a calm

Not like a doldrums

In the midst of

A hurricane

More like peace

That passes all

Human understanding


Holding my breath

Awaiting your answer

Exercising free will

Fearful but unafraid

Grounded by an anchor

Holding strong in the depths

My soul stationery

Steadfast in your promises

A future and a hope

Not shallow and fragile

But solid and rooted deep

Safely lying in your eternal hand

Cast all my cares

My worries and questions

Into the spirit wind

That refreshes my soul

You knitted us all

In the secret places

In the creative heart

In the crucible of the I am

I lay this fragile soul

This little future

This unanswered question

At your feet and wait

Bless this choice

Guide these hands

Open this parent’s heart

Grant confidence once again

Step into this unknown

Your hand at my back

Your voice in my ear

And your blessing

Over this tiny life