Saturday, July 9, 2011

Shallow Humanity

Shallow Humanity – June 06,2011

In my shallow humanity

I could easily relinquish all my hope

My weak and fickle heart screams

Give it up you foolish weakling!

For just a little while wallow

Knee deep in my own private party

Reveling in the exquisite pain of it

This private dance with pity

But you won’t leave me there

You dog my every step

Nipping at the heels of my heart

Scared and blinded by my cares

Temporarily these cares bring amnesia

Forgetting all that you have spoken

To my heart through your Word

Drawing a spiritual blank,

I stumble

But my soul cannot forget

The things you have etched on my heart

Your promise to never leave or forsake

Though I stand separate, I am never alone

You are a miracle that never ends

A mystery that I must know

The hope that never leaves me alone

The joy that rises from the dark

Carry me to the finish line

Stand at my side and help me see this through

Hold my hand as I stand

To face life’s inevitable storms

Fill my heart with joy that overflows

Fill my soul with peace that calms those around me

Be the depth and breadth that are not my own

Erase my shallowness with your infinite all in all