Saturday, July 9, 2011

Titus Andronicus, Of Mercy and Vengeance – Oct. 26, 2009

- Written as an answer for a class blog question in my Introduction to Shakespeare class at Barstow Community College (B.C.C.).

Mercy and kindness, you know them not

Queen Tamora this vengeance your heart will rot

Poison tongue and cruel plans manipulate your offspring

Your webs and intrigues lead into each deadly offing

Vengeance is your guide and goad

You’ve sent your sons down a deadly road

There is no hope of turning back

Rises the crimson tide and the corpses stack

Titus’ regret and irretrievable actions

Stoking vile fires of Gothic passions

Silence enforced at the end of a sword

Lavinia’s beauty left unguarded by her dead ward

Sweetest mercy and healing kindness

Lost forever in a vengeful blindness

Eternal rest left out of reach

Peace and forgiveness cruel heart can’t breach

All could’ve been prevented

Had Titus just relented