Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Sneak

It sneaks up from behind
Catches you unaware
Sometimes oblivious
You just don’t care

But when it catches you
When you’re caught in its wake
Fear rises from its slumber
And you tremble and shake

This is the moment
Is it fight or flight?
No time to think
Whether wrong or right

And so you act
Lean into the moment
Accept your vulnerability
And face the torment

And you may wonder
Who this monster might be
Of whom do I write?
And how come it frightens me?

Since you asked
With sincerity of heart
And in boldness too
I will answer for my part

This monster dwells
Not in the mountains
Nor in the deepest ocean
In its dark and unseen fountains

Instead it lives close by
Nearer than your dearest one
Leaps from the unlikeliest place
And from it we cannot run

Can you venture a guess?
Have I given no clue?
Are you ready to give in
Truly, have I stumped you?

Forgive me my vagueness
And my cryptic manner
I am nearer to my reveal
And to surrender’s banner

I speak of a monster
And for it I’m not to blame
It’s forced upon me by others

And its name my friend is “Shame”