Monday, September 22, 2014

Dear World

Stop kicking me when I’m down
Leave me be when I’m already bowed
Exhausted here on my knees
When will enough be too much

Of course I know all too well
You’re never gonna stop
You’ll keep on beating me down
Cause’ you think I’ll give up this fight

But there’s something
Something you ought to know
This fight, this battle, this war
Well it’s just not fair

Because you see
I know something you don’t
Something stranger than fiction
Something you won’t believe

You lost before you started
Before you connected your first punch
Before you gave me this black eye
Before you beat from me that first tear

For the end of the story
Well, it’s already been written
And I know the truth
And it’s painful

For you

For the truth has a name
And he lives here
In this same broken heart
This crushed but mending soul

Every blow you rain on me
Has the opposite effect
The opposite of your intentions
I’m only getting stronger

And, that’s because of one thing
His victory over you
He made it mine too
It never depended on me

You think me at my weakest
You look at me as beaten
When you see me here
Your foolish mind can’t grasp

That it’s here on my knees
Where I connect with his strength
What seems foolish to you
Is really your undoing

So this look on my face
Yes, it’s really exhaustion
Yes, it’s really fear
But, it’s also pity and love

Because my future is assured
My strength in him limitless
My tears washed away by mercy
Endless grace lifts me to my feet

So understand today
That your sticks and stones
Well yes, they do hurt
But, your time is now short

And after your blows
I will rise
Because stronger hands than mine
They will dust me off

They will lift me to my feet
And with his firm hand at my back
And sword of truth in my hand
I’ll do battle once more

For eternity flowers in my heart
Placed there by my savior
And backed by unfailing promises
I will stand against your lies

And if you ever wonder
If you ever question the smile on these lips
The gleam twinkling in these eyes
Truth revealed the end of the story already

Past these current dark days
Over your shoulder and past your fist
Truth stands there with arms open wide
And a crowd of witnesses cheering

As I run for the finish line