Thursday, March 12, 2015

Just Another Day in Ferguson

Well, when you stay up too late for whatever reason, you end up sometimes catching up on the news of the day. And for me (you’ll have to try and forgive this) well I've given up on regular TV since it costs just way too much money these days (in my humble opinion).  And, don’t get me started on just home much of television is just so much aberrant garbage anyway. The old saying I think still holds true: garbage in, garbage out!

So, I happen to go on one of the local TV station’s websites to view tomorrow’s weather and what to I see, but the heartbreaking news that two officers were shot outside the Ferguson police department late today!

Once again, here we go. Really?!!

How do any of you think we will ever see peace over this? When, we cannot make some attempt at forgiveness?

The behavior of some people has become so wrapped up in revenge, playing judge, jury, and apparently executioner as well, that they now arrogantly think that these roles are their right. Revenge and justice belong to nobody this side of eternity other than God himself.

Don’t get me wrong, in certain circumstances I do believe it is ok to take a life, such as when you are in defense of your own life or that of a loved one, but to basically lay in wait for someone (such as these officers) and take them down to make your point, etc. is completely criminal.

Two wrongs never make a right!

Didn't your mother teach you right?!

Before I hit the pillow tonight, once again I will pass on some prayers for those like these police officers that need God’s healing touch and a miracle here or there to get them from this terrible day into tomorrow.

But as for the cowardly, murderous thugs, and hypocrites that shot these two officers, you are just as much a part of the problem as any of the officers that may have done you and yours wrong before today. Your actions will never bring peace. You now have added just another reason why unity between the races will continue to elude much of our country.

May God bring swift and sure justice down on your heads. They who live by the sword will die by it as well.

Only repentance, forgiveness, and love will ever see our nation healed. May God have mercy on us all.