Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hearts of Darkness

There you revel and rage
Hidden from our view
And often in plain sight
Camouflaged await your queue

And here we are
The remarkable and the mundane
Going about our routines
Both on the good and bad falls the rain

And though we don’t know you
You find hate for us still
Not satisfied oppressing your own
Our sense of safety you’d kill

And so you plot with your small minds
And you weave a web of lies
Ensnare outcasts, the rebels, and the cruel
Ignore your own countrymen’s cries

Arrogant and small-minded you smirk
And sell your eternity for worthless Jihad
Unknowing pawns of the great serpent
Abuse of power your lightning rod

Raise your bloodied fists in empty victory
You waste prayers on empty space
Under your jackboots we’re trampled
In fear we cower sheltered in place

Still there is something you don’t get
Your naïve belief in misguided cause
Can’t fathom that the joke’s on you
Can’t see you’re caught in great lion’s jaws

So hard to pity the bullies of this world
To feel care for those darkened souls
And yet you are the deceived and lost
It’s for you judgement’s bell tolls

Some will never forgive you
Most will never forget
You’ll not find many merciful
For some anger’s sun will never set

And yet there are those called
By the one and truly King
To rise above our earthly pains
And to pray despite the sting

For He has dealt a victory
By our great enemy’s defeat
Our eternity signed and sealed
Transgressions erased at His mercy seat

Though you are our enemy
And we’re right to feel our anger burn
We’re called to pray for you just the same
And pray one day your hearts will turn

That He’ll speak to you in dreams and visions
And God’s Son will meet you there
That the bitter chains of your slavery
One day you’ll no longer bear

So for now you rage and fight
Wage war over false prophet’s lies
And stumbling in your hypocrisy
From you goodness takes wing and flies

As for me and my house
We’ll continue to follow the Lord
But until you utter repentance  

God’s great wrath for you is stored