Sunday, June 7, 2015

Doormat No More

Here I have lain
For oh so long
Lost track of time
And it felt all wrong

Didn’t happen quickly
It happened just the same
Never was content here
And I sought someone to blame

If you look a bit too closely
And read between the lines
You may be a bit surprised
By the social landmines

For you see, true friendship
Well it does not seek its own
And finds in putting others first
Kingdom’s treasures have grown

A truer friend cannot be found
A better brother never seen
Than one who lays down their life
On hope of repayment doesn’t lean

And yet there I lay
With my hope held fast
Waiting patiently
While precious time had passed

As time flows relentlessly by
Heart like fragile glass does crack
Assaulted by sticks and stones
And the weight of excuses stack

Like a splinter in the heart
Or a stinger’s poison flows
I dig deep to remove you
And recover from your blows

My spirit only stands this way
Sways and creaks in these winds
By the strength of faithful Savior
Back not broken, it only bends