Monday, June 22, 2015

Our Accusers' Folly

You always throw me
Kick me to the curb
Every chance you get
My life you just disturb

It’s in your nature
How you roar and rage
Won’t leave me alone
Ripped open your cage

Stand in your pinstripes
In most convincing disguise
Piling on the evidence
My destruction is your prize

I would fight them
Rage against your lies
If only you were physical
I’d steal life from your eyes

Your native tongue
Vomits an endless flow
Buries me in despair
Drags me into the undertow

When my sight grows dim
I own the caricature you create
Hope gone like fog on a breeze
My dreams stolen by your hate

So you may ask me how
How do I stand in the wind
Where do I find the strength
Don’t break but just bend

No earthly anchor strong
No hero’s strength I bear
Only from bended knees
Can I this tempest dare

For my eyes have read
And my heart has heard
Eternal promises made
And your lessons learned

My Savior knows me
Breathed life into this dust
Stands forever in my defense
And in Him I place my trust

When I lie here in these ruins
Laid low by enemies blows
Savior’s promises lift these eyes
To see the defeat of all my foes

Ask me how my hope hangs on
And my heart will tell you why
Faiths spark is fanned to flame
For my eternity did Jesus buy

And in each step now I take
Forward whether to run or crawl
Each breath a gift from my Lord
So in this strength that’s not my own

Now can I stand tall