Friday, August 7, 2015

Signs in the Heavens

Saw the sky blush
So shyly in its peering
And through the windows
Captivated gaze was steering

Opened the blinds
To vista’s glory
Pristine pastels spoke
Of the Creator’s story

In crystal blues
Beside golden treasures
And pinks like flowers
Brought heartfelt pleasures

Heavenly brushstrokes
Swept away my cares
Breathed joy and peace
So this heart again dares

Courage again to dream
And hope to lift these wings
This heart may boldly go
Eyes seeing past earthly things

So with chin held high
And armor from head to toe
I step boldly into this day
Because Savior will with me go

Take the bushel from this light
And to the world dare show
The flame not of my own
In darkness casts its glow

For I know I’m naught without you
Alone cannot stand and fight
But when you dwell in my heart
There’s no need to fear the night

So as darkness descends
Inevitably comes my way
You remind me once again
It’s you that won the day

In evening canopy you show again
Amidst the lightning flash
That your promises never fail
And my hopes you will not dash

For stretched across your canvas
A rainbow glows in skies of rust
And so my arms they rise to you
Because it’s in you I place my trust