Sunday, July 10, 2016

Weeping for America

Every chance I get
I’m drowning in my falling tears
Can’t stop myself
Weeping even as the sky clears

The storm clouds boil
And my fears rage
Enemy screams and devours
Can’t seem to turn this page

Want to lift my eyes
Long to see the sun rise
Raise my voice in praise
But I’m distracted by deceiver’s lies

Watch the black and blue fall
Neither deserved this end
Wonder how this could’ve been different?
Crying to You as these knees bend

My hands bound by uncertainty
Know that I’m not a divine entity
And my answers are shallow
Weakened by my humanity

So in my impotence
I reach for the only one
That intimately peers into my soul
And mends this flesh and bone

On the horizon and coming into view
For beautiful America, Is this the end of days?
We’ve lost our way
Deeply divided and lost in hatred’s haze

And yet, there’s a quiet whisper
Echoing in His children’s prayerful pleas
Adopted children all singing a lovely chorus
Bringing hardest hearts to their knees

And you might ask what song they sing?
But you need a heart change to hear it
A desperate transformation is needed
There’s no need to fear it!

No reason to rage against brothers and sisters
Who like you long for freedom and peace
Trying to win the wrong battles again
We should instead ask for rain on this fleece

Yeah, the answers are just not easy
But we can have answers just the same
Our Lord and Savior longs to free us
Our chains melted away in eternal flame

Dear America rise up from your slumber
Adopted sons and daughters wake
Hear the battle cry of your Savior
Take up the chant for your future’s sake

There’s no more to say
And because calling’s crystal clear
Love one another as yourself
And there’ll be nothing left to fear

Again I cry out from the rooftops
America! There’s just one thing to do
Let your haughtiness turn to bent knees

Pledge your lives to the only God that loves you