Saturday, January 16, 2016

Fragile Heart in a Mad World

Tissue paper heart
So easily torn
Fragile from the start
How would I survive?

Just when I thought
And knew I understood
The rug got pulled
Face planted for all to see

I lived to please
Sought to make my peace
Avoided rocking the boat
Would my messes never cease?

Some I met were cruel
And others’ kindness was never ending
Some devoured my hope and joy
Others gave strength from knees bending

Love’s emissaries walked beside
Gave my lost heart a hand up
I may never know their sacrifice
Courage gifted helps me stand up

And standing I face the future
All its uncertainty weighing heavy
Each step bearing me ever closer
Yet fear threatens to break heart’s levy

And a glance from my knees
Awakens again this strength
Unexplainable to the atheist heart
Forward motion on narrow path’s length

Rewards await the courageous few
Lonely souls by peace renewed
Grateful for loving Samaritan’s gifts
Grace and mercy in my heart imbued

With these gifts from hands received
This heart reborn and beating strong
With my gaze on eternal shores I set sail
A wind from heaven to bear me along

So this paper heart is fragile true
And hope is often hard to see
But if I’m led by Savior’s hand

Then my future lies in blessed eternity