Saturday, March 26, 2016

Dear Jesus, Thank You (a Resurrection Day prayer)

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for this life. Thank you for each day that your Father gives me the breath to lift my head from my pillow.

Thank you for all that you have allowed me to experience and learn. Even though some of the lessons have been painful, I know that you love me because you have kept your promise to never leave my side.

Though the gifts you have given to me are freely given, I know they came at a tremendous price. And, I know that I have not always shown that I am grateful for what you’ve done. For this I am ashamed. Please accept my apologies Lord. I know that I need to continue to allow you to transform me at every level of who I am. Please cleanse me of all the sinful and wicked ways that I still harbor in my selfish heart.

Thank you Lord for taking on all of the punishment that was due for me (us) on the cross. Forgive me for so often not understanding that what you did was once for all and I have been set free. Forgive me for blindly taking the chains of my sin and bondage and putting them knowingly or unknowingly back on.

Lord, please help me (and us all) to be a person of prayer. Please act powerfully to empower me so that I might tread on the enemy’s head. May satan and all of his armies be defeated in every corner of my life and those that call you their Savior.

As we enter into a new day tomorrow, which is Easter, may we contemplate our lives in such a way that we set aside the things which hinder us. May the chains of our bondage be set aside forever and may we experience victories in every moment. May we glorify you Jesus in all that we do, all that we think, and all that we say.

There is none like you Jesus.

Religion is empty, but this relationship with you will carry me (us) into eternity.

Thank you Jesus for dying to pay the penalty for my sin, but above all dear Lord, thank you for finishing the work and rising from the dead to prove all of those who would deny you wrong. May our enemies in this world see and experience your mercy and grace the way I have. May they experience the joy of being accepted as adopted sons and daughters with their hope justified as they one day enter into heaven.

Happy Resurrection Day dear Jesus!

One of your adopted sons,