Wednesday, April 6, 2016

In the New World Order, I’ll Be a Criminal

So, I know the title was shocking right? Can’t see me in that light? Oh, but Mike’s such a nice guy…

You must think this out too. Where will you sit when the changes come. Oh, and they will. You say I’m overreacting or that I’m crazy or at least a little paranoid.

I might be a little of the latter. But, I came by my paranoia naturally. It happens when you live in a land increasingly full of entitled brats and socialists in denial.

Again, where will you stand on that day.

When our rights to free speech have ended.

When freedom of religion only means that you better keep it in the closet.

When the right to bear arms means that you can wear tank tops whenever you want.

Seriously, one day if the liberal majority gets its way, what will your life be like? How will you react when you see me? Will you be one of the turncoats who turns me in to the authorities?

You say it’s a fantasy. We live in a democratic republic Mike and we get a say in how things go, right?

Some small part of me hopes you are correct.

But, what if in your naïveté, it’s you that’s wrong. Are you going to turn a blind eye when they haul me away? Will you applaud the actions of the political elite when they imprison me? When they try to “rehabilitate” me? When they decide to execute me?

You see, I saw an article today by Franklin Graham that exposed some real hypocrisy.

Those of us who the liberals like to refer as those religious people, were pigeon-holed as being every color of foolish, dangerous, deluded, misguided, pitiable, etc. “How could we be so stupid as to believe that our Savior who was/is God, was born of a virgin, etc., etc., etc.”

These same liberals applaud a company (PayPal) that haughtily pulls out of a state that approves a law that upholds the right of “religious” people to “discriminate” against those who’s practices violate the practices and beliefs we hold as not only sacred, but true. This same company gladly does business with numerous countries that instead of legislating people’s right to do business with whom they choose, chooses to turn a blind eye to the fact that those countries regularly imprison, torture, and kill people for their sexual choices. Unlike PayPal, we Christians do not condone that sort of treatment, however we do believe we have the right to our ability to associate with those we choose to associate with.

Let me be clear, there is a world of difference between a Christian who has the right to choose who they do business with when the other individual’s practices violate our beliefs, who has the right to decide whether they are comfortable with a “transgender male’s” “right” to enter into a bathroom where my daughter or wife has legitimately entered in, or whether an LGBT person has the right to enter into my child’s “Christian” school and potentially teach them things that are contrary to our beliefs. No government has the right to make that choice for us and we have every right to make those distinctions. This is not discrimination, it is the right to choose who we associate with and what we will be/will not be indoctrinated with. The LGBT community has the right to choose not to associate with us and frankly if they so choose, then we will applaud it. It is not the right of the LGBT community to force their closely held beliefs or acceptance of their lifestyle on the rest of us any more than it would be for us to force ours on them. Ultimately that is their agenda though, that we call what we consider to be evil and sin, instead as being good and acceptable. If God does not, then we in turn do not.

Let me remind you that our constitution where it defended the right to religious freedoms, was structured to keep government out of religion, and not the other way around. If a government felt it was in the rights to force by legislation how we practice our religious beliefs, does that not smack of the government overstepping its constitutional decrees about the freedom of religion?

I may not be able to in any great manner, affect change or be a great influence on our society now or going forward, but I’ll not stand by and say nothing.

Jesus didn’t stand by and say nothing. He called it as he saw it. He is often quoted as saying that people should repent of their sin, and to “go and sin no more.”

I am not man’s eternal judge, but the scriptures explain what sin is and call out any number of specific sins that humanity often commits. And God is/and will be bringing judgement on us. So when people wag their fingers at me or any other Christian for calling sin…. Well, sin, guess what? They have four other fingers pointing back at them.

God does not change like shifting sand. It says he is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He has right as our creator. And, he is not the one who when given free will, chose sin over doing what’s right. Our ancestors chose that and we often still do. The result is well deserved eternal punishment. But being a merciful and just God, he did give us a way out through Jesus Christ. It is ultimately us that will individually choose to accept the free gift of salvation through Christ or reject that gift and be condemned by our choice to Hell.

So, as our world continues to spiral into degradation and debauchery, I for one won’t go quietly into the night. I will choose to call it as I see it. If the emperor in fact has no clothes on, then guess what, I’ll point it out.

If telling the truth, calling it as I see it, not suffering fools makes me a criminal, then well… so be it.

Slap me in irons.

Seize the day!

- Mike