Monday, November 14, 2016

Playing For the Wrong Audience

One could spare their thoughts
And spend far too much time
Weighing the value of emptiness
And this society soaked in crime

Facebook, Instagram
Snapchat, and Twitter
Just so much hot air
And mind numbing litter

We’re all so convinced
There’s an audience out there
Needing our two cents
But truth is they don’t care

So when I empty out my heart
And it bleeds out for all to see
My thoughts fly into vacuum
Lost in the cold so far from me

The meaning vanishes without context
The point missed by all but a few
We all long for a listener
Someone to care for our heart so blue

But we’re barking up the wrong tree
And looking for love where it’s not
No commitment and an open mic
Just the right place for a soul to rot

So many shares
So many likes and views
We value the wrong things
Wonder why we lost our muse

Comes a time where we wake
Open our eyes from longest sleep
Realize all that we’ve missed
Having dug a hole so very deep

Yet a voice of hope still whispers
Behind life’s distractions deafening
Shrinking hearts recognize the sound
And strengthened there comes a reckoning

We stop addressing our every critic
No more throw pearls to swine
Set aside unaccountable podium
Realize that we’re just fine

You see we’re all wonderfully made
Each a unique and valuable soul
And yes, we have something to offer
Because our Creator gives us each a role

So turn a blind eye to the naysayer
A deaf ear to the stealer of dreams
Commit every day to your Maker
And overcome our enemy’s schemes