Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Where Would We Be?

Where would we be
Or where would we turn
If we were left on our own
Would we watch our world burn

How would we live
How could we win
If those who educate us
Only focused on our sin

Some are given a great gift
Both a blessing and cross to bear
For some it is only a living
For others, a path to provide care

We cannot always clearly see
Through the mists of time
The results of our actions now
The prevention of a future crime

Trampled hearts expressed
In tears and silent screams
All could be prevented
By supporting people’s dreams

Our fulfilled futures reside
Where passions and dreams converge
When hopes and longings are trampled
Hearts songs become a funeral dirge

Let your hands be quick to service
And your hearts be ready to love
Put others needs before your own
So your efforts are blessed from above

This world doesn’t need another judge
Certainly not another hanging tree
Share the gifts of Jesus’ redemptive love
So in His sacrifice the hopeless are set free