Saturday, February 25, 2017

Swan Song?

Thought leaving that darkness
Would lead to a better space
Maybe even a better day
But I’m still in the rat race

Thought I’d spread my wings
Find a new breeze to lift me
Thought my song would carry
Lift me up until I was free

But freedom hides a burden
It carries with it a cost
And I’m finding only lately
That I can’t ignore I’m lost

Can’t seem to catch my breath
Nor can I see past the peak
I’m unwilling to give up
But my courage developed a leak

Desperate to conquer this fear
Longing to finally win
Wishing for some victory
Where I’m conquering over sin

Living as a force for change
A positive influence in this life
Maybe an occasional hero
A force for peace and not of strife

Put my hand into the Savior’s
Must give up standing all alone
Strong only when sharing this yoke
Because for my failings He did atone

So when you see me today
Breathe out for me a prayer
Like you I’m occasionally fragile
Though I want to be a player

Facing down these fears
Rushing into battles fierce
Giving with all my heart
Through these walls to pierce

Knowing that in Christ
A reborn heart can truly give
Have the strength to thrive
In all things genuinely live