Monday, June 19, 2017

Jihad, Terrorists and the Pursuits of Fools

There is a whole lot of criticism of our current president these days.

I’m not here to directly defend or condemn him at this time.

What I am doing with this post is this: I want to ask you, my readers… to think about some questions very seriously.

At the time of this writing, many of us have awakened to the news of yet more Islamic terror attacks in London yesterday.

Yes, I will never bow to the politically correct in our world who would have me only refer to these people (I am using the word people loosely of course, as they behave more like wild animals) as purely terrorists. As I saw another gentleman on Facebook this morning say; “all Muslims are not terrorists, however most all terrorists are Muslim.”

We need to stop being so indecisive and I would argue foolish as to think that we can continue letting people enter our country willy nilly without doing our best due diligence to run thorough background checks before admitting them here in the U.S.

Our fellow Americans that are so squeamish about this need to wake up because I know with no shadow of doubt that if there were any such terrorist events occurring here as often as they seem to be occurring overseas, they just like many of the rest of us would be crying out for justice and payback to these terrorists.

I can remember a day not that many years ago on 9/11/2001 that generally speaking, all Americans regardless of political affiliation etc. were outraged, were praying, and were united in asking that something be done against those who would harm our people.

Why are we waiting until something happens?! Why are we denying the truth?!

We should be supporting our president’s call for travel bans and thorough vetting of all who want to enter our country.


Ok, here goes… I did not finish this blog post right away… too much going on in my own life.

Just being honest…

Some time has gone by since I started this. It is now June 19.

That said and here we go again. Two more terrorist events have occurred just in the U.K. alone.

Carried out by Muslim extremists.

However, in the interest of those like me who are willing to have an open mind, and heart.

There are other terrorists we need to talk about now. No, too.

And, guess what, they aren’t necessarily Muslim.

What I am bringing into this dialog are the following:

Gangs (both in America and abroad), human traffickers, drug dealers, pirates (yes, they still exist, and not they are not honorable nor admirable), child abusers, bullies, sexual offenders of all sorts, hackers, extortionists, etc… yes, the list could go on for endless days.

You see, terrorists come in many shapes and forms, but they all have one thing at their core in common… no regard for others… no regard for the eternal consequences of their sins.

A terrorist at their core has exchanged their God breathed unique gifts for the slavery of living like a wicked being with no concept of what is good, and right, and honorable, and compassionate, and loving.

They are worse than animals, because animals follow God’s design and purpose for their lives.

Terrorists have swallowed an acceptance that they somehow have no recourse to their own wicked choices.

They have no comprehension of forgiveness, reconciliation, or lasting peace.

And because of this, judgment will fall on them in calamity upon calamity ending with their final judgment before being cast eternally into the very fires of hell.

And yes… hell is a real place… not a figurative fantasy.

I wrote the second part of this blog just to be fair.

Whether I or any of you want to accept it, there are in fact moderate Muslims that individually just want to be left alone to raise their families, love their families and friends, give more to their children than they were given, and to be left in peace.

But, just as some Christians over the course of history have committed all sorts of evil under the guise of their “religion,” so have the Muslims and other religious extremists.

I ask any Muslims that read this to consider the long-term costs in this life and that of eternity for not standing against those who commit the sin of murder to further the cause of their “religion” with no real regard for those other human beings that they destroy.

We are fragile in the end and so is peace. Without forgiveness and reconciliation there is no hope for our race on its own. If that were remotely possible, then even if you ignore that this has not happened in the history of the human race up until this point, then at least look at the fact that even the Muslims have not been able to maintain peace amongst themselves.

If the Muslims were to destroy all the rest of humanity (all of the rest of us being infidels apparently), I know beyond a shadow of any doubt whatsoever that they would ultimately annihilate themselves too because this already happens every day. Just look at the Shiites and the Sunnis (I hope I spelled those right, honestly, not intending to insult anyone here).

I hope that made sense… these people already savagely destroy each other including women and children. And this is the ideal religion? One that cannot find any unity.

There is only one hope for humanity and eternity.

His name is Jesus Christ.

You see, the Muslims are focused on a man. And well, like the rest of us he died. And he did not rise again. And he did not go to sit at the right hand of God. He was not God.

Jesus is in fact God and that is why we who follow him, no matter how imperfectly will not bow to the falsehoods of other religions. Jesus is not ultimately about religion, rather he is about a relationship with the God who created us. And it is possible because of his death on a Roman cross and his payment for our sins, that we have access to God.

No so-called martyrdom under the lies of Jihad will ever see you to heaven. Rather, through the human deceptions and lies of a man, a man who died and is now dust as will you and I be ultimately be, there will only be the open grave that is hell waiting for you.

So, getting back to my original point…

When a people group will not stand and fight against the monstrous evil that lies in the hearts of its most radically destructive members, then why oh why would we willingly with no strong background checks or vetting, let these people into our country?!

Our president is trying unsuccessfully to do his duty and protect us from a very real danger. Are so many of us really so naïve and blind?!

Would you, hypothetically let a man come and live in your home with your wife and children, knowing that he might be alone with any of them at any time while you were away working etc., without first doing some sort of background check or references?!

No, you would not.

And if you would, then guess what? You are a fool and you will end up getting the results of your foolish choices.

I’m done for now.