Friday, August 4, 2017

Suffering & Redemption

If you could glimpse into my heart
If you could gaze into my soul
You’d grasp the truth of me
Understand sufferings’ role

You’d know that which I need
Not for you to dry my tears
But for your friendship
To endure throughout the years

To walk with me when I stumble
To sit with me when I weep
To hold my hand in silence
When the midnight watches I keep

It seems too much to ask
I fear it’s too much to bear
But this is the road I walk on
With a mind bent on despair

This smile hides its secrets
These eyes my heart’s cry
I understand your fear
Why you easily pass me by

For many it’s far too easy
Voicing their flippant two cents
Their talk show solutions
For my life long laments

Never really understood
My lack of contentment or peace
But I know I have a Savior
Whose mercies never cease

So, when this heart is empty
My dry bones crying for the rain
I remember to get on my knees
And enter His presence again

For my Savior knows my heart
It was He that fanned this flame
Set my heart ablaze for His kingdom
So that I’d never be the same

And if you hear this message
Truly listen to what I say
Then when your heart hurts too
At the cross your burdens lay

For its there in the cross’s shadow
We can let our burdens fall
No longer captive to the enemies lies
Redeemed we can now stand tall