About Me (the author)

A little bit about myself and my writing:

At the time of this writing I am 49 years young. I live in Southern California with my wife (Julie) and my daughter (Alyssa). In addition to poetry writing, I enjoy writing novels though I have yet to complete any. I am working currently on two. One is a Star Wars spin-off (Clone Wars era) and the other is a fantasy novel that takes much or its human interaction and dialog from actual life events around my middle school years (early 1970's).
Everything that I do, think about, and write about is influenced by my Christian world view. I am first a follower of Christ and a child of God. I do not believe that this is in any way a limitation to what I read, ponder over, write about, or discuss in my life. On the contrary, since through Christ's conquering of sin and death, I believe that I (we) are given a new and greater freedom in life as we are no longer enslaved to the weaknesses of our fleshly bodies. I too am convinced that we should not be afraid to ask God the deep questions that come up in our lives. I hope that in my writings you will see that we can think on the mysteries, the difficult questions, and the injustices that we are often confronted with and go before our God with them to sincerely seek his direction to understand them. I firmly believe that God will never turn away those who seek after him and he will reward those who do, with a relationship that will lead each of us individually to his throne and ultimately, salvation.
... A work in progress...