Sunday, November 20, 2011

Like Breathing

Love is like breathing

Take it in and live

Exhale it and give another a gift

Walk without it and slowly suffocate

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Breeze From the Garden

Had it so good

Didn’t see it

Walked by your side

Eyes wandered from your face

Every good thing

At our fingertips

No good thing denied us

Only one thing forbidden

Free will a blessing

Serpent opened the door

Had all we needed

Yet we chose the curse

Oh the grief

Of being cast out

Unfulfilled longing

Just to return home

Echoes of laughter

Of conversations long ago

In the warm sunshine

Our hands in yours

Oh the pain of truth

The need for redemption

And our inability to pay

A price beyond our means

Where could we turn

To whom would we go

Our souls in need

And our vaults empty

Silent cries

Reach searching ears

Watching us evermore

Coming to those who call your name

Empty place in each heart

In dark depths

Memories invite us home

Pity those who ignore the call

Savior’s prayer timeless reaches

Into searching hearts

And longing souls

Calling prodigals to come home

A place at your table

A mansion ready to build

A candle burns in the window

For the one in 99 you search

Our value found

In your love

Our eternity

Found in your costly gift

May our eyes be opened

The scales falling

From our weary eyes

Washed by repentant tears

Fragrant breeze drifts

Through mind’s window

Memories of pleasant walks

Hand in hand with our creator

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Each of us

Bearing an image

A reflection of the Earthly

And the divine

Lack for little

But found wanting still

Long for life

But living in death

Breath of life

A fading memory

Something nagging

In the corners of the mind

A cry wells up

From depths forgotten

Tears filling an ocean

Solace and longing unfulfilled

Mo mercy or quarter

Given by fellow travelers

But heart’s whisper heard

Reaching seeking ears

Invitation given

Nets cast for all

Voice carries in the wind

Hope spreads its wings

Those who are seeking

Find peace in their dreams

Mercy heals old wounds

Future brightens in sunrise

Dawn breaks in sleepy eyes

Warms long frozen hopes

Weary travelers energized

Step into life’s roads again

Moving forward toward

Hope’s eternal warmth

Comfort in our trials

Joy unexplainable

Home not far away

In a place promised

But just out of sight

Aroma of a garden on the breeze

Step in close

Bear us up in our weakness

Clear our sight

And help us to see

The image of You

Etched in our souls

And in future sweet

Tears and trials forgotten

Monday, August 29, 2011

Signs of Life

Signs of Life – 08/29/2011

Heart beating and mind lost in thought

Breathing quiet and no fear presses in

And yet disquiet rises from my soul

Satisfaction, illusive, slips from my grasp

Longing to be a hero

But mirror shows an ordinary man

Desiring recognition

Heart’s pride needs crucifying

Quiet voice calling my name

From the silence speaking

Surrender your dreams

Put to death falsehood and imitation

Give allegiance to the original

Creative spark had its beginning

One author and no one else

All imitations fail to satisfy

To what final place will we go?

And to what solution turn

When their entirety

Comes up empty

Quiet knock at soul’s door

Author’s voice whispers mercy

Hands reflect eternal sacrifice

Gift offered for our response

Repentance unlocks life eternal

Old man burns with cleansing fire

Author’s breath fills scorched lungs

And new creation rises from ashes

At Eternal Savior’s feet I rest

No where that I’d rather be

Surrounded by fellow seekers

Reborn from the same sacrifice

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rumors & Thundering Hooves – August 11, 2011

Rumors & Thundering Hooves – August 11, 2011

Rumors, wars, disasters, famines, and genocides

Stock losses, bailouts, Foreclosures, and debt ceilings

Long time enemies hunted down and thirty paybacks brutal

Little children all and desperate for a hero

Who will you run to?

And to whom will you swear allegiance

Deceptions many and false Saviors everywhere

Blinded eyes and hardened hearts beware

The hour draws nigh

Distant sounds resolve into thunder

Thunder closes in and turns to hoof beats

Voices crying for mercy meet deaf ears

Desperate tears with selfish apathy

Moments waiting for small-town heroes

Those who would unveil the light

Within their hearts waiting to shine

Lighting the dark corners and bringing hope

Undiscovered heroes watching and fearful

From our own mirrors gazing

Candles waiting for lighting

Needing Savior’s confident spark

Eternal spark lights each flame

One candle seeming ineffective

Each on its own and unaware

Until truth reveals strength in numbers

One candle passes its light to another

Each one in turn to those accepting

One flame becoming many and seeking more

Catching fire to community and world beyond

Darkness overwhelmed by holy fire

Consumed by those who accept the call

Once fearful and alone

Now in community made whole and strong

Wipe the blindness from our eyes

Reveal the community all around

Keep each one focused on you

Our Author, Savior, and King

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cling to the Promise - August 03, 2011

Sun rises in soul

Full of worry

Inadequacy knocks at the door

Prayers held hostage

Cast this soul to the wind

Look to the horizon

Refreshing breeze stirs hope

Cling to promise of your presence

Emotions follow winds

With every kind of weather

Wander through deserts and mountains

Ever-changing terrain brings us no peace

Lost grip of this holdfast

An unshakeable anchor

That holds no matter the storm

Calling out for a reprieve

Drifting at sea

And searching the distant horizon

For signs of imminent rescue

Clinging tenaciously to hope

Reason fails to explain

Logic comes up empty

Worldly wisdom proven foolish

Answers found in potter’s hands

Broken and reformed

Melted down and recast

An object of lowly use

Remade for master’s hands

Failed hope and misplaced trust

Excised and washed clean

In their place a new creature

Childlike faith it’s very breath

Refreshing breeze lifts weary spirits

Raises eyes to Savior’s gaze

Bends knees not for executioner

But for eternal gratitude

Fill life’s sails

With promises of eternity

Not spent in unquenchable darkness

But in the glow of eternal promises fulfilled

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mist and Wind

Mist and Wind

Thoughts like morning mist

Caught in light of day

Vanish in the whisper

Of waking breezes

Hopes and dreams

The things created

By the fire You light

Lord our souls ignite

Melt away our fears

In the crucible of your heart

Don’t leave us here

In the falsehoods and facades

Grant us a glimpse

Through your eyes

Catching the eternal picture

Of each soul’s potential

Let our dreams

Replaced and fueled

By your endless love

Lift the fallen to their feet

Turn our scars

To reserves of strength

And reminders of hope

Milestones and altars to you

Transform us

Into beacons of light

Wash away any traces

Of selfishness and pride

Forge us into instruments

Your skilled hands can use

Closer still to our potential

Beaten from swords to plows

Rumors of war riding the wind

Palls of smoke turn Sun to blood

Hearts grow heavy with fear

Yet still we stand

Your warrior soul leading

Your mighty hand at our backs

Strengthened by victories already won

Press on while silent witnesses cheer us on

Days wear on and eyes grow dim

But hearts longing never wanes

Aliens and strangers we travel ever on

Until Sun falls one last time in our eyes

And like morning’s vanishing fog

Our souls are carried by the breeze

To some distant promised land

Where we fall like rain into your sea

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Extreme - Free verse for my lost infidel brothers


Wicked and cowardly

Brazen and cunning

Bully boys playing religion

No room for disparate thought

Wipe out the infidel

Gag all freedom to express

Tie the hands of equality

And vaporize the truth

Dress like men of wisdom

Wear robes like men of learning

Deep thought escapes you

Fear is your preferred weapon

Oppress your kindred

Brother and sister alike

Deprive them of their needs

Keep them far from hopes and dreams

Fan the flames of hatred

Build up the mob bonfires

Fuel your revolution with prejudice

Start your wars with lies

Brainwash your young

Indoctrinate your youth

Beat and mistreat your wives

Hypocrisy you don’t disguise

No quarter for your naysayers

No room to disagree

No peace and forgiveness

No truce or coexistence

When will peace ever settle?

Over your hallowed halls

Never this side of eternity

Never in mankind’s days

Foolish is the wisdom of mankind

Before that of our Creator God

Jehovah our Lord and Savior

Have mercy on our kind

Grant visions and dreams

Speak truth and wisdom to all

Shine light on our dark hearts

And in folly revealed bring your truth

You oh Infidel brother

Behind your Jihad and brutal rule

Are nothing but cowards

And fallen like we all

Bow your heads to the soil

Throw ash on your heads in lament

For your flesh has failed you

And you are no different from the rest

Give ear to the mercy

Of a Savior’s dying words

Father forgive

For they know not what they do

May your hardened hearts

Melt before your God

May your plugged ears

Be opened yet

May you one day soon

See the deadly path

The end laid up in folly

May you see and turn away

For those who show no quarter

And strap on the swords of vengeance

And leave no room for mercy or peace

Will find none waiting on the other side

Give up this endless blood feud

Lay down your every sword

Seek truth, forgiveness, and mercy

And redeem the day

Giving way to His extreme love

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My thoughts on the final Harry Potter film

My Thoughts on Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part II

Tonight I went to see the final installment of the Harry Potter movie series. I went in with not a few hopes and expectations and soon found myself enjoying every minute. Unlike so many of my friends, I do not judge the film directors too harshly when they choose to make changes to the story line. I feel that I am not qualified to make those judgments having never been in their position and thus I do not waste any energy on those thoughts. I just allow myself to become immersed in the story as told on screen. I especially enjoyed the scenes in which Neville finally comes into his own and faces his fears head on only to realize that he has what it takes to be self-assured and confident in his choices. The scene that meant the most to me was the one in which Harry, while attending to a dying Snape, realizes for the first time what huge sacrifices and immense bravery this man had demonstrated in all that he had done to ultimately protect Harry from Voldemort until Harry was ready to face his nemesis. This scene’s exquisite bittersweet pain is not fully appreciated until the final scene of the movie in which is heard Harry’s having named his son, Albus Severus Potter. I also found the out of body scene in which Harry finds himself in the company of Albus Dumbledore in a heavenly representation of King’s Cross Train Station, to very much fulfill my imagination’s picture of this scene. One final thought on this film. I was touched by the realization that J.K. Rowling and the film director chose to not have the scene with the final demise of Voldemort become a scene of vengeance. Instead, it is a scene where we see the ultimate demise of a man who through his own choices and evil deeds, self-destructs. I think the thing I take away from this film, amongst others, is that true love, sacrificial love that does not hold on too strongly to its own perceived rights will never fall to self-seeking, power hungry and narcissistic souls like Voldemorts’. Ultimately, I am once again reminded that there are ultimate, unchangeable truths and these will always point those of us who follow him, back to our savior, Jesus Christ. Many thanks to J.K. Rowling, the directors of the Harry Potter films and the wonderful cast that brought these stories to life on screen and ultimately led me to read the wonderful books that these films were based upon.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

In the Heart of the Lion – July 17,2011

Scan the horizon

For what can’t be found

Send a search party

For those who don’t exist

Spent so much time

Seeking for a hero

Traveled far and wide

Returned empty handed

Fell so often to a common lie

Sought at world’s suggestion

For a hero within

Only he was a mortal

Hope fell to time

Misplaced trust to end result

To whom do we turn?

When our heroes fall short

Love letter from the other side

Calling out time after time

Message never changing

Surrender and let go our pride

Exchange the counterfeit

For real truth and precious life

Let go of fantasy and lies

Put your hand in that of the author

Walking two steps behind

Patiently waiting for our call

Saving grace at the ready

Help and care only a prayer away

Turn away from the empty

Fly from the bankrupt and failed

Run toward truth and peace

Carried in the heart of the Lion of Judah

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Question Mark– June 09,2011

Not caught off guard

Anything but surprised

Strangely unmoved

I have become jaded

Call came out of the blue

Information flowed

Like a sponge

I absorbed it all

Caught in a calm

Not like a doldrums

In the midst of

A hurricane

More like peace

That passes all

Human understanding


Holding my breath

Awaiting your answer

Exercising free will

Fearful but unafraid

Grounded by an anchor

Holding strong in the depths

My soul stationery

Steadfast in your promises

A future and a hope

Not shallow and fragile

But solid and rooted deep

Safely lying in your eternal hand

Cast all my cares

My worries and questions

Into the spirit wind

That refreshes my soul

You knitted us all

In the secret places

In the creative heart

In the crucible of the I am

I lay this fragile soul

This little future

This unanswered question

At your feet and wait

Bless this choice

Guide these hands

Open this parent’s heart

Grant confidence once again

Step into this unknown

Your hand at my back

Your voice in my ear

And your blessing

Over this tiny life

Monday, July 11, 2011

Japan – The Petition – Mar 15,2011

Cherry blossoms and lotus petals

Mount Fuji and geisha girls

Samurai warriors and emperors many

One of the Pacific’s beautiful pearls

Tragedy strikes even the prepared

Breaks the back of the strongest man

Blindsides the thoughtful

Wipes out the most airtight plan

Earth shakes and the stones cry out

Ground leaps and buckles under your shoes

The sea rages and buries your cries

Strong against the earth but to Tsunami you lose

Our sadness and weeping cannot mend

Our sorrow cannot stop the melting cores

May our prayers go up before God

And may they as sweet balm heal your sores

Dear God, our creator and Lord

Have mercy on our fellow man

Give ear to our petitions

And with loving care lift up fallen Japan

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Love & Fear

Love and Fear:  December 06, 2008

Some say that all life is a stage

At 45 I say it’s more like a cage

Here I stand naked and poor

Stripped of pretense I search for the door

That stage door, a portal

And I a fearful mortal

My strength betrayed by a tear

My days often governed by fear

The stage’s egress before me

Will my curiosity restore me?

My life so very stale

Can stepping beyond alter this tale?

The Word once said that perfect love casts out fear

And He promised one day to wipe away each tear

The door to the stage bars me in

Dare I open it to fly yet again?

Fear is a door

It bars the way

Love is courage

That saves the day

The door blocks my view

Love’s vision can see right through

The door traps me here

Love expands life’s sphere

Fear is a door

And unopened shrivels the soul

Love is a conqueror

And hands me the hero’s role

Fear, a stage door

Shrinks my world

Drowns visions and dreams

Love, He is my God

Guards my heart

Fills my eyes with heavens gleams

Oh fearful door infernal

Meet my God eternal

You are naught before Love

His dreams now my hope from above

Fear the door that traps us here

Love the friend that expands our sphere


90) Respect - Sept. 20,1995


It’s not something dictated


Is not torn

From the hearts of the timid


Is earned


Comes from the heart of the empowered

Respect is given

To those who lift us

To new heights

Those who give us the key

To achievement


Goes to the deserving


84) Epilogue - Apr. 07, 1987

In the preternatural glow

Sits a being who’s eyes reflect no soul

He thought he’d win the fight

But the T.V. was his plight

But it was stronger

And he sat there longer

There is no hope against his infatuation

And his lack of imagination

Thus he sits and gathers dust

While the other – rust

The Blue Curtain

64) The Blue Curtain (Circa, 1985)

Under the hook of the lip

Behind the blue curtain

I hung

For one silent moment

I was stung

By the beauty of a split second

The Potter's Hand

The Potter’s Hand – August 26, 2009

I find myself

Caught inside this mosaic

Your design and plan

Steeped in love

My life your vessel

You pour yourself

Into my heart

Until it’s overflowing joy

Your sacrifice so long ago

Reaches out to hearts parched

Starving for love

Longing for peace

And if I am willing

Open to your leading

Accepting of the potter’s hand

You use this broken

And reformed vessel

To pour out your



Peerless love

Into the souls

Of these dying

For peace

With the one

Who created them

To be far more

Than an island

A lonely soul

Forlorn and

Longing for meaning

Made for the corporate role

Your design a mosaic

Broken pieces

On their own

So small

Unable to tell

Your story

Together forming a painting

An image

That can speak volumes

To the lost

And heartbroken

Those without hope

Without a hero

To save the day

To redeem the time


Without impact

With little meaning


You save

You pick up the fallen

Carry the lame

See for the blind

Hear for the deaf

And speak for those

Whose voices

Have become weak

Unable to be heard

Over those who mislead

By their purpose

Or by delusion

Cries that you hear

For the truth

They reveal


Loves bereft

Loneliness without remedy

A vacuum in their souls

Seeking to be filled

With anything to

Relieve the pain

All things sought

Only bringing sorrow



But still

That hole


Seeks to be filled


They plod on

Restlessly moving

From one remedy

To another

Finding them all

To be empty promises

Only when one

Of your own

Hears your call

To risk much

And reach across

Death’s dark gulf

Can a lifeline

Reach the hands

Grasping Weakly

Eyes seeking hope

Through your children

You give gifts



To those

Who have

Nothing to offer

Except themselves

Such as they are

Gifted and yet



With a hole

In their soul

Longing to be filled

A gulf

A wound to be closed

When it is joined

And healed

By your hands

That created all things

That bring justice

That stretch wide

To welcome us


That paid our debt

Our brother’s and sister’s


You long to call us


To call us children

To give us our


And all of this

Comes to pass

When you fill that

Eternal gulf

In our soul

With you