Monday, July 25, 2011

Mist and Wind

Mist and Wind

Thoughts like morning mist

Caught in light of day

Vanish in the whisper

Of waking breezes

Hopes and dreams

The things created

By the fire You light

Lord our souls ignite

Melt away our fears

In the crucible of your heart

Don’t leave us here

In the falsehoods and facades

Grant us a glimpse

Through your eyes

Catching the eternal picture

Of each soul’s potential

Let our dreams

Replaced and fueled

By your endless love

Lift the fallen to their feet

Turn our scars

To reserves of strength

And reminders of hope

Milestones and altars to you

Transform us

Into beacons of light

Wash away any traces

Of selfishness and pride

Forge us into instruments

Your skilled hands can use

Closer still to our potential

Beaten from swords to plows

Rumors of war riding the wind

Palls of smoke turn Sun to blood

Hearts grow heavy with fear

Yet still we stand

Your warrior soul leading

Your mighty hand at our backs

Strengthened by victories already won

Press on while silent witnesses cheer us on

Days wear on and eyes grow dim

But hearts longing never wanes

Aliens and strangers we travel ever on

Until Sun falls one last time in our eyes

And like morning’s vanishing fog

Our souls are carried by the breeze

To some distant promised land

Where we fall like rain into your sea