Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rumors & Thundering Hooves – August 11, 2011

Rumors & Thundering Hooves – August 11, 2011

Rumors, wars, disasters, famines, and genocides

Stock losses, bailouts, Foreclosures, and debt ceilings

Long time enemies hunted down and thirty paybacks brutal

Little children all and desperate for a hero

Who will you run to?

And to whom will you swear allegiance

Deceptions many and false Saviors everywhere

Blinded eyes and hardened hearts beware

The hour draws nigh

Distant sounds resolve into thunder

Thunder closes in and turns to hoof beats

Voices crying for mercy meet deaf ears

Desperate tears with selfish apathy

Moments waiting for small-town heroes

Those who would unveil the light

Within their hearts waiting to shine

Lighting the dark corners and bringing hope

Undiscovered heroes watching and fearful

From our own mirrors gazing

Candles waiting for lighting

Needing Savior’s confident spark

Eternal spark lights each flame

One candle seeming ineffective

Each on its own and unaware

Until truth reveals strength in numbers

One candle passes its light to another

Each one in turn to those accepting

One flame becoming many and seeking more

Catching fire to community and world beyond

Darkness overwhelmed by holy fire

Consumed by those who accept the call

Once fearful and alone

Now in community made whole and strong

Wipe the blindness from our eyes

Reveal the community all around

Keep each one focused on you

Our Author, Savior, and King