Sunday, October 30, 2011


Each of us

Bearing an image

A reflection of the Earthly

And the divine

Lack for little

But found wanting still

Long for life

But living in death

Breath of life

A fading memory

Something nagging

In the corners of the mind

A cry wells up

From depths forgotten

Tears filling an ocean

Solace and longing unfulfilled

Mo mercy or quarter

Given by fellow travelers

But heart’s whisper heard

Reaching seeking ears

Invitation given

Nets cast for all

Voice carries in the wind

Hope spreads its wings

Those who are seeking

Find peace in their dreams

Mercy heals old wounds

Future brightens in sunrise

Dawn breaks in sleepy eyes

Warms long frozen hopes

Weary travelers energized

Step into life’s roads again

Moving forward toward

Hope’s eternal warmth

Comfort in our trials

Joy unexplainable

Home not far away

In a place promised

But just out of sight

Aroma of a garden on the breeze

Step in close

Bear us up in our weakness

Clear our sight

And help us to see

The image of You

Etched in our souls

And in future sweet

Tears and trials forgotten