Monday, August 29, 2011

Signs of Life

Signs of Life – 08/29/2011

Heart beating and mind lost in thought

Breathing quiet and no fear presses in

And yet disquiet rises from my soul

Satisfaction, illusive, slips from my grasp

Longing to be a hero

But mirror shows an ordinary man

Desiring recognition

Heart’s pride needs crucifying

Quiet voice calling my name

From the silence speaking

Surrender your dreams

Put to death falsehood and imitation

Give allegiance to the original

Creative spark had its beginning

One author and no one else

All imitations fail to satisfy

To what final place will we go?

And to what solution turn

When their entirety

Comes up empty

Quiet knock at soul’s door

Author’s voice whispers mercy

Hands reflect eternal sacrifice

Gift offered for our response

Repentance unlocks life eternal

Old man burns with cleansing fire

Author’s breath fills scorched lungs

And new creation rises from ashes

At Eternal Savior’s feet I rest

No where that I’d rather be

Surrounded by fellow seekers

Reborn from the same sacrifice