Saturday, August 11, 2012

Higher Mammal

Higher Mammal  – June 26, 2012

Where are the heroes?
What happened to the brave?
Courage seems too rare
Honor vanished and gone

Moved by nothing
Except selfish pursuits
We throw away eternity
Sell it for finite possessions

Seek for security in a job
For peace in a home
For love in a significant other
Eyes on all but the creator

Settle for the mundane
For life with no adventure
Predictable days with little risk
And for nothing to aspire

Don’t believe in the eternal
Nothing but a higher mammal
Born, learn, breed, and die
Hope but an abstract thing

Never asking why there’s a hole
At the center of our existence
Never filled and never satisfied
Always left wanting

Somehow blinded to our need
Believe ourselves good and yet
By what standard are we measured
A deep question for a mammal

Wake up and look back
Over a life gone by
Wondering where did it fly
Terminal existence pricks us

Searched for answers
But rejected them all
Grave causes desperation
Hope waking in renewed thought

Start the questioning again
Creator waits and is unafraid
No question being stupid
With eternity on the line

A toast to the seekers
For those who seek truth
Unsatisfied with weak humanism
They find truth in one so named