Monday, August 6, 2012

Understanding Forgiveness is a Long Journey

Pardon my sarcasm
Forgive my lack of p.c.
But where would we be
Without the curious?

Want me to just conform
Kowtow to your ways
But I look in the mirror
And no lemming do I see

Pardon my French
But, you’re a follower
Nauseatingly gullible
Intellectually dishonest

Follow the tides
Of popular tripe
Winds of change come
And you’re long gone

Say I’m a fool
Call me anachronistic
A freak following
Nothing but a lunatic

Many ways to God?
You say it’s true
But everything can’t be
Wind carries away the chaff

One day holy fire
Will leave only the pure
Absolute truth standing alone
All that remain, on their faces

Gone like winter snow
On a sunny day forgotten
Your empty philosophies
Betraying you and your kind

And the risen Son on his throne
Will cast his rays day and night
Holy light evermore shining
The darkness never to return

And you will be blotted out
Forgotten and melted away
No page in any book 
No word to recall your existence

And we your martyrs will rejoice
Our tears replaced with laughter
Bruised backs straightened and healed
Arms raised and voices lifted

Songs to our Maker and Savior
Sung strong and true
Our melodies carried to His ears
Living water to our hearts

So let this be a warning
And a call to turn aside
For the end of the story
Written and bound

Our creator’s long tale
Of humankind is winding down
The Truth is ascending his steed
And will soon rescue His bride

Seek him in your unbelief
Search for Truth and you will see
Once revealed it always bears fruit
And your eyes will be opened

While you still have breath
Answer the quiet call
Truth’s whispering for your attention
Repentance will open the door

Weep now for your many transgressions
From knees confess missing the mark
Find comfort that we’ve all found
Our hearts wanting and needy

Find the peace that has eluded
The hope always out of reach
The grace and mercy of your victims love
And then understand forgiveness