Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lean into Joy

I long to lean into joy
To practice gratitude
Taking note of blessings
And dwelling on thanksgiving

To become a glass
Not as now, half empty
And not even half full
Instead, spilling over the rim

To walk away from dread
To run from the shoe drop
Living in the joy of each moment
Where simple things become defining

To truly feel adequate
Knowing that I am enough
The illusion of perfection a destroyer
Seeing myself through Christ’s eyes

Cast far away the falsehoods
Being vulnerable and real
Accepting my quirks and uniqueness
And loving others for the same

So when the little joys of life
Spring up before my eyes
May I vanquish the stormy thoughts
Seeking to steal away these precious gifts

And when a heart of gratitude takes over
Then thanksgiving will begin to flower
Fearful heart will gain new strength
And the enemy’s lies will fall on deaf ears

So God please hear this fervent prayer
And grant this heartfelt wish
That I might become a man of gratitude
With thanksgiving in all that comes my way