Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Courageous

How do I take courage
Face each day
With all these storms
Break the slaver’s chains

Courage is moving forward
Doing something
While others do nothing
Action over stillness

Outcomes unknown
But rewards assured
Tapped into your strength
A twig in your vine

Mysteries becoming less deep
As you reveal your heart
The blessings of friendship
And promises kept

We, your adopted children
Princesses and Princes are we
Called into your purposes
And you dress us for battle

Mercenaries we are not
But an army instead
Battles fought quietly
From our knees in prayer

Enemy brought low
In quiet acts of love
Selfless giving
From grateful hearts

Captives freed
The lost are found
Face to face
One relationship at a time

So I’ve thrown in my lot
Laid my sword at your feet
Accepted all you offer

And sworn my allegiance