Saturday, November 23, 2013

Gratitude in the Storm

Biting wind met me
As I stepped from the door
Frosty air caressed my cheek
And yet my heart still lifted

Left behind the days grinding demands
And moved into the meaningful
Escaped for a little while
And entered into a warmer place

Daily sacrifices bring their burdens
Somehow worth it when welcomed home
And wrapped in welcoming arms
Find forgetfulness in love’s embrace

Finding in these struggles
A rising hidden strength
A spark of joy fanned into flame
And hope brings dawning dreams

Your breath blowing over these cold ashes
Giving life to this slumbering soul
Your life and strength filling empty lungs
So my trembling heart finds its voice

So my song comes out as a prayer
Lifted up in joyful gratitude
For you have never left my side
There for every joy and every trial

So despite this cold wind
And these blistering trials
My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude

And I lay my life here at your feet