Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Human Heart

Fearful heart clings to walls
Feels its way through uncertainties darkness
Eyes wide open but cannot see
Cries held behind tight closed lips

I know you’re there
And yet, in my humanity I fear
Want to be brave
But, these cares weigh me down

You say “trust me,” and spread your wings
I just want to hide my face
For this cliff seems so very high
The outcome lost in the future’s fog

But your whispers still reach these ears
Ask me to trust the one
The only one that has never failed me
The only one that has kept his promises

For you see, I cannot demand
That any of those I love
Meet the very promises
That I too have failed to keep

And he asks that I forgive
Let go my disappointments
The chains that I have placed on others
And the chains I have placed on myself

You see, he did not place his trust in us
This frail human race
And he understands our weaknesses
Yet he stands with open arms

He has laid a table to celebrate
The homecoming from our wanderings
We have taken our inheritance for granted
Yet he still looks for our return

And instead of condemnation
He welcomes us with gifts
Each one wrapped with care
Each one meant for our good

And so this prayer is written
Sent from me to you
In the hope that you too will hear
The Savior’s call to action

When he stands you at the edge
At the very precipice of your future
That you will swallow that fear
And your heart will swell with courage

That you and I will take heart
And his spirit wind will catch hold
That we will feel if lift our wings
And we will soar over the valleys of our trials

So take heart as you read this
Put your hand in that of your Savior
Hear the cheers from your brothers and sisters
And leap far from fear into the promising future

And may you one day look back
Gaze far away into the misty distance
Understanding then how far you have come

Knowing truly that he was never going to let you fall