Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Small Flame

We enter this world
A small flame flickering
Lighting the world nearby
For those close enough to see

Every breath a miracle
Every coo and giggle a joy
Soft kisses and downy cheeks
Magnets for love

Our flame made for shining
And again made for warmth
To be shared and given
World tries to snuff it out

Those that love us
Try to fan the flame
And set our dreams alight
Investing in us hope and direction

But the world’s a thief
And it steals our joy
Pulls oxygen from our lungs
For it fears a dreamer

But, we the brave
We sing louder in the darkness
We fight harder on our knees
And put our faith in the Truth

For the Truth lit this fire
And fanned it into life
Kindled that sparkle
In our parent’s eyes

The Truth knit us together
Brought us into light of day
And if we give our hearts to it
It carries us safely on our way

So when our flames are fading
When age and trials tire our hearts
The flame of Truth will call our names
From His book of life this He’ll read

And our little flames
Flickering and fading will pass
From this life to the next
Joining the joyous heavenly blaze

We’ll fight no more to shine
Now dwelling with the author of life
And with all those gone before

We’ll light the way for those who follow behind