Saturday, December 6, 2014

Black and White vs. Unity

I am confronted these days
No, assaulted is a better word
My reason is violated
And my heart is in tatters

My eyes are tempted
Enticed to close
To turn the other way
To ignore the ignorance

My Mind craves denial
My logic begs for satisfaction
But, for these things I am denied
And all because of hypocrisy

When I have the courage
The strength to look
To venture past my own doorstep
And peer into what lies beyond

I find the World wanting
And I cannot believe my ears
My heart cannot deny the truth
The very air is filled with lies

There are those who often cry foul
Seeking to pull the board
To wrench it from other’s eyes
Ignoring the Sequoia in their own

Won’t spend too much time explaining
If you don’t know the current issue
The flavor of the hour
Let me tell you it’s all black versus blue

But this old world isn’t monochrome
And it isn’t black versus white
Nor is it black versus blue
No, it truly is a kaleidoscope

Won’t waste too much of your time
Won’t make up your mind
No fancy intellectual games here
Just plain simple me

At your service

And if you need some more hints
To help you see current events
Then all I can really give you
Well here it is, it’s just this

No color is better than another
Though God created them all
And He knows them intimately
In this instance He’s color blind

Don’t get me wrong
Or take me out of context
He hears our prayers
And he weeps over our losses

But he expects more from us
Than we seem willing to give
He wants us to set aside selfishness
Wants us to take up our crosses

And what cross is this
The primary one I speak of
The whisper roaring through my soul
Still small voice calling for our attention

You ask me

It’s this my friend
My fellow traveler
We are called to greater purpose
We need to stand shoulder to shoulder

You see, there is no victory
No battle won or true enemy defeated
Where we fight for our own rights

A servant’s life is what we are called to

Lest we forget
Lest we plead some ignorance
If we say Christ is our Lord
Then where is it we stand?

If we are to be reflections of redemption
If we are the peacemakers
Then how did we end up
On two different sides of this line?

Yes, my dear friends
My brothers and sisters all
Brutality is most certainly a crime
But so also is false judgment

And let me tell you
Something maybe you already know
Those sticks and stones
Those ugly names and vicious lies

Well, you and I both know they leave scars

There are no easy answers
To so much water passing
Far too much already under this bridge
So there is only one answer

One thing to start the healing

And yes, it comes with a heavy price
You know it won’t come easy
The strength to do the right thing
Comes down from on high

So what is this costly thing you ask?
What unknown miracle awaits our discovery?

Well it’s one that was given us already


Without our passing it on
There cannot be
That which God asks of us
No healing without sacrifice

This black and white divide

So there it is in print
My call and challenge to you

And me

You can call it vague
You can call it ignorant if you want

But I tell you once more
Maybe in plainer terms still
We are called by our God to this thing
And a prayer by Jesus was spoken

That we would live in unity

So I beg this request
Of you this huge thing I ask
Lay down your sword
And I’ll put down my shield

Let’s remember who’s we are
Let’s set aside these painful things
Let’s forgive each other our failings
And seek peace while hand in hand

And then maybe together
We can accomplish the impossible
Break down these barriers once for all
And live to see Jesus’ prayer answered

And in unity we’ll bring healing
To war weary hearts bring rest
Drying these many shed tears

Repairing brokenness with overflowing love