Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bleary Eyes Meet Morning Son

My bleary eyes fluttered open
To a new morning’s greeting
And the cares come rushing in
Enemy whispers chip away

Wear away at my weakness
Enemy knows the spots
So stumbling into routines
I pause for a deep breath

Remember who’s I am
And kneel before His feet
His feet awash in my tears
A mix of pain and joy

For this old heart knows
One thing is true
You can’t have one
Without the other

That is, pain and joy

But foolishly we often
This fantasy seek to live
Delude ourselves into believing
That joy should just be there

For the taking

But I ask you

Where would the dawn be?
Without the night so dark
Where would the victory be?
Without a battle to fight

We long so dearly
For a life so easy
But how great would it be
If the prize came too cheaply

We are designed for greatness
We are given this one chance
To take up the gifts He’s given
And fight for all we hold dear

So what will we do?
With this short life
This precious gift given
Each day full of potential

Our main enemy is fear
And the erosion of time
Each day lost in holding back
Our strength shrinks even more

Lift your eyes from the waves
From the inevitable storms
And look into the face of hope
Our Father’s loving glance

Take strength and hope
From His strong grasp
As He lifts you from the depths
And shoulders your every burden

Cast your cares here
At the beginning of your day
When the whispers steal your strength
And know the limitless power to overcome

Know that so long as you are His
You are never alone
His hand always at your back
And He’ll never let you fall

So start your day like me
Begin it here on your knees
It’s where the battle’s truly fought
Face your day with confident smile

Throw off the night’s dark cares
Set your pace to match His
Set off for a day of adventure
And bask in the warmth of the Son