Thursday, March 26, 2015

Shatter the Mirror

So I live in this poverty
Hard days and sleepless nights
Late to bed and early to rise
And still I face into the wind

You may judge me true
But please wait your turn
And get in the line
For you’re not the first

And you may be surprised
Or maybe again you won’t
For at the front of the line
Look carefully and take note

For the first one there
The one with the biggest stone
The one most ready to fight
Well, he wears my face

A strange thing is this judgment
This unwanted pity
This failure to understand
Introspection a dying art

You see I’ve observed this truth
And it’s really no mystery
We are often our own worst critic
No enemy so venomous as the self

So I challenge us both
I throw down this gauntlet
Scream out my barbarian cry
And then I whisper so very quiet

Let’s break these mirrors

For if I have learned even one thing
Gleaned one truth from this journey
Then it would be this one nugget
This one goad to move us forward

To break these ghostly chains
Is the key to a better future
And, you will not regret it
Won’t waste another tear

Gaze instead into your Saviors eyes
Look into them and see
See the love unearned
And, yet freely given
Demonstrated in nail scars

We are bought at dearest price
Rescued from darkness
And carried into a new day
A better future now assured

Our reflection not misplaced again
Not found in enemies lies
Not found in mirrors’ deception

But instead in dear Father’s gaze