Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The One Who Has Gone Before

We enter this world
Without a clue
Eyes open on first day’s light
And we cry out on cue

Creator forms us
Hidden from view
Endows us with gifts
Grants our unique life so new

Some just live blind
Directionless and lonely
And some let their fears
Drown hope and victory

Some wait for a rescuer
A hero brave and strong
Someone to pick them up
And carry them to the finish

Some realize a poignant truth
That despite heroes being real
We don’t look in the right place
To find a hero dwells inside

Dormant and yet to wake
Maybe your hero awaits
Listening for just one command
A call to action from your own soul

Leave your fears behind you
Take courage from your savior
Raise your eyes to heaven
And gaze on an eternal son rise

Let nothing get in your way
No haters, critics, nor excuses
Raise the anchor and unfurl the sails
The horizon before and wind at your back

So hear this message now
Don’t ignore this traveler’s tale
Armor up for the coming battle
And for new adventures set sail

For the one in whom you’ve put your faith
He’s walked this road before
Never failed you nor has He faltered

And in Him your victory is sure