Saturday, December 5, 2015

There is Still Beauty

Saw it again today
Despite the darkness
In the distant views
Away from current tragedies

Looked out beyond
From immediate worries
And gazed quiet
Saw Your wonders

Proof of Your love
Beauty exists regardless
While we destroy each other
Creation’s song sings on

Your breath gives life
Alters dust into being
Sings over our fragile souls
And gives hope to the weary

Beyond the hatred
Distant from these killing fields
I can see a pastel sunrise
Feel sun’s warmth on my face

In the bird’s song at sunset
Hear the joy of the dependent
Are we any less than this?
His Word declares our value

And so I lay this head down
When day meets the ink of night
And my sleepless eyes look upward
And realize you own this too

For you did not let the darkness reign
Instead, you sprinkled it in diamonds
Each sparkle a distant light
And yet light just the same

And so are we
In the darkness of this age
Millions of diamonds
Reflecting the light of the Son

And this then is our calling
By Creator’s great commission
That we not remain so fearful
But shine to the lost instead

So when you find yourself weary
And lonesome just like me
Look just a little beyond yourself
And there in creations’ glow

Know that we’ve been set free