Thursday, September 24, 2015

Earthly Stage

Our lives like a play
Lived on an Earthly stage
Act like we have no say
With our script written in stone

Performing this mortal play
As if the end was written
Stumbling through each day
Like helpless marionettes

But, the writer smiles on us
For our shortsighted unknowing
And our living so unaware
Because this script lives and breathes

A living document is our play
A story etched from invisible ink
A novel which is both finished
And yet remains incomplete

For though the end’s a mystery
To those who live this play
The conclusion is known
By the one who truly sees

And so we stumble and stagger
Drunken in our own ignorance
Lost and looking for answers
We cry out from bended knees

And if we grow silent and still
Humbling these trembling hearts
We may yet hear His quiet call
A whisper to cast all fear aside

Courage is just a prayer away
A treasure with no value
Until these hands through faith
Lift the sword and cut these bonds

Only then are our eyes set free
To see beyond these chains
Courage wielding the key
That unlocks faith and freedom

So it goes from then till now
On and on this play repeats
From one generation to another
Endless lives shuffle across this stage

Insanity’s outcomes only broken
By scarred hands that intercede
And so He tore that curtain down
That stood for the longest time

Selfless sacrifice ended our separation
That His father we might know
Tore up our scripts and made a way
So that in free will we now dwell

And again as though on a stage
Our lives are lived for all to see
But we no longer have to languish there 
Because in Christ we've been set free